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Mandalselva is one of the 10 best salmon rivers in Norway. The river is the southernmost in Norway and ends in Mandal. The river runs along Rv455 through Mandalen (the valley of Åseral, Marnardal and Mandal).

In the old days salmon fishing was part of the household, and the owners along the river had and have particular rights to fishing.
On the east side of the river Østerland Fiskeri had their rights. Laksestigene or Tjell as they are called, were used with closing nets for salmon. A guard sat in the Tjell looking for salmon which from that height was visible against the light river bed. When the call came: "salmon in the river", the closing net was thrown out from a rowing boat, and the salmon was caught.

Through the years many people are left with just small parts of the fishery, since original rights have been distributed to descendants through inheritance. Today there is no fishing with closing net in the mouth of the river.


The lighthouse is the southernmost in Norway and lies in Mandal municipality. The first lighthouse was built in 1867, and a new one in 1897. When the light was lit, it was the second strongest lighthouse in the world. The light was thirteen times stronger than today's. The fishermen along the coast were afraid that fish and seabirds would disappear from Skagerrak when the light was lit. The tower is 22,5 metres high, and the lighthouse has been automized since 2002. It is possible to spend the night at the lighthouse the whole year.


The lighthouse was built in 1867, and had manning up to 1984 when it was automized. May 6 1991 Mandal Kystlag took over the running and maintenance of the lighthouse. The lighthouse was built at the same time as Ryvingen lighthouse and has a functional and visual connection to it. The lighthouse is built of wood and is a one and a half floor dwelling with an attached lightroom. The lighthouse has a lens from 1931. It was rebuilt for solar energy in 1985. The construction comprises an outhouse, hen house, machine house and an aerial cableway, stairs and bridge, in addition to a boathouse and landing. The area was adjusted to the lighthouse master and his family, and there is a garden on the islet. During the summer months it is possible to stay overnight on the lighthouse.

English translation: Kirsti Birkeland og Liv Smith