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The building was raised in the mid 1800s. Originally it was a popular resort for the Wattne family who owned Furulunden.

The local council bought Furulunden from Wattne in 1893. The following year the music pavilion was given as a gift to the people of Mandal. For many years this was an excursion spot in summer. Concerts were arranged here, and you could buy food and drinks. This is now where people gather after the parade on May 17th.


At the beginning of the 1800s an extensive forestation was started by Giert Tørrisson Giertsen Nedenes. The planting of trees in such coherent areas had never been seen in this country. The sales contract with the local community stated that the area should be treated as a forest. This was done to prevent neglect and deforestation.

This is probably one of the reasons why we in this area can see some of the oldest trees. They are pine and larch trees up to 200 years old. Some of the larch trees are 35 metres high. This is quite unusual in Norway.

Unfortunately a hurricane made great damages in 1969. A large belt from Bankebroa to Speilen was flattened. Altogether more than 6000 trees fell in the Furulunden/Risøbank area.

English translation: Kirsti Birkeland og Liv Smith