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Agreed Own Settlement - refugee

When contacting NAV (the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) the refugee must bring:

  • Copy of your residence permit
  • Unsigned, time specific rental contract with a private landlord. Monthly rent must not surpass the municipality’s limits for rental rates approved for receivers of social welfare (see attachment 1 for approved rental rates)
  • Copy of documentation from the municipality technical department approving the resident as a rental unit. This approval must not be older than 5 years
  • The resident must contain sufficient lighting and mounts for curtains, mailbox and a recycling system for garbage.
  1. If the rental contract is approved, and NAV has not already settled the number of refugees decided by the city council for that period, NAV will contact IMDi (the Norwegian Directorat of Integration and Diversity) to ask if the refugee has been distributed to another municipality or if the refugee can be assigned to Mandal.

  2. Once IMDi has approved that the refugee is to be settled in Mandal municipality, the rental contract can be signed. If there is need for appliances and/or a bed NAV will supply this. NAV will need the key to the resident in order to install appliances an bed.

  3. Upon settlement NAV will assist in registering the new address to the Postal Service and the Norwegian Tax Administration (skatteetaten/folkeregisteret), change electricity provider, apply for housing allowance from Husbanken (the Norwegian State Housing Bank), and establish a bank account if the refugee does not already have one.

  4. In regards to financial support the refugee will receive benefits, and guidance on financial matters. Start-up time for the introduction program will vary according to the schools plans and capacity. Refugees who settle by finding accommodation themselves and then contacting NAV Mandal will receive the same amount of money as NAV spend when they settle refugees that are distributed through IMDi - money to be spent on kitchen table and chairs, sofa and coffee table, night stand. The refugee is responsible for acquiring this furniture themselves.

  5. 6. If the refugee is not content with the resident and wish to move, he or she must on their own accord find a new resident and organize everything associated with the move without assistance from NAV.

Elements/facts to be considered in regards to rental prices for accommodation/housing in Mandal:

  • Youth (single) – 18-26 years: Preferably a studio apartment. Maximum 6000kr per month excluding electricity.
  • Single adult (26 years and older): Apartment, maximum 6500kr excluding electricity. Custody or visitation rights of children may give grounds for higher rent.
  • Family (2 adults, no children): Maximum 6500kr excluded electricity
  • Family (1+1 and 2+1): Maximum 8000kr excluding electricity. (The child’s need for its own room will be considered)
  • Family: Cheapest alternative, considerations will be made in regards to number of children, closeness to public transport, children’s school and activities

General information on rent:

  • Focus on the needs of the child/children.
  • Children over the age of 1 years should have their own room or share with their sibling(s), not sleep in the room of parents or in living room.
  • Public transportation is of importance for transport to/from school/after school care/ day-care, leisure activities, and for parents access to employment in surrounding cities/municipalities.
  • Electricity must be additional to rent, as costs of electricity is a variable and many of the houses in Mandal are old and cold.
  • Youths should live in studio apartments or a cheap, small apartment so they can be self-sufficient by scholarships and part-time jobs or tiltakspenger/avklaringspenger.
  • Public transportation or the possibility to walk/bike is important in regards of school, workplace, place of work-training.

Questions? contact

NAV Mandal

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Denne e-postadressen er beskyttet mot programmer som samler e-postadresser. Du må aktivere javaskript for å kunne se den.

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